AT THIS TIME WE’RE MEETING ON ZOOM WED. 7:15am-8:30am. Please register below to join the call.

Feel connected during this difficult time. 

Mondays (Starting July 6th 2020)

Weekly Meeting

You will leave motivated, inspired, and ready to do business! 

About us


Growth and Opportunity


CONNEXX is a professional networking TEAM that facilitates business-building opportunities for its members.

Mixing & Mingling


We share marketing ideas, sales strategies, and learn about the services and products represented within the group.

What's Different With CONNEXX


At CONNEXX, we put our attention on YOU, the business owner. It's been said that "people buy from who they like." So, our goal is to know you better, discover your interests,


our business is your business

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What People Say

“CONNEXX is the finest tool that any existing business owner can utilize. This is especially true for a new business owner, as you will gain a wealth of knowledge, which is vital for a new venture to be successful.”

Victor Prado
Social Media Marketing
NinjaMan Media

“Since joining CONNEXX last October I have come to know so many business owners that I now call friends. I have become invested in their success, as they have in mine. This group has been a saving grace during the quarantine and I look forward to every single meeting!”

Robin Long

“CONNEXX has given me a sense of community, and I got through the pandemic with “ZOOM@NOON” by keeping me in a routine through a difficult time. CONNEXX has helped me both personally, as well as professionally, and I have become very close with the CONNEXX Community.”

Jacqueline Roth
Benefits Advisor Aflac NY

“CONNEXX has been a very worthwhile and uplifting experience. It goes beyond just the business relationship; It entails getting to know members and building relationships. It is more than just a group, but rather a community.”

Marc S. Berlin, MHSA
Health Care Consultant
Patient Care Advocate

“CONNEXX has been tremendously valuable as a “go to” referral source for high caliber trusted professional services, as well as a safe and comfortable environment for questions, feedback and sharing business ideas. Highly recommend!”

Howell Silverman
Commercial Real Estate

“CONNEXX has given me opportunities both personally and professionally that no other group has. I’ve made long lasting friendships and business associates, become more confident, become a better public speaker and most importantly, been part of a new family ever since I joined. For anyone thinking of joining, it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made!”

Sean Rosenfeld
TSG Financial LLC, A Division of Risk Strategies


“I have been to over 500 Networking meetings and events in the past 10 years, and I can confidently say that CONNEXX has by far the most inspirational and collaborative meetings that I have ever attended.”

Edward Adelman
Regional Account Executive
PODS Enterprises, LLC

“CONNEXX has been an inspirational and motivational networking platform that has helped me build a community of diverse, entrepreneurial and smart-working individuals who love to promote the good of one another; it’s truly a fabulous community to build meaningful connections.”

Shira Benedetto, M.A.
Psychic Medium