let’s be honest

Are You “Burnt Out?”

It’s very common in business to become complacent. 

The “kiss of death” is realizing that you are just doing things the way you always have, because you don’t know any other way.  

Do you still have the same passion for your profession that you once had?

Chances are that you’re “burnt out” because it’s very draining when nobody’s buying what you’re selling.

When you attend a CONNEXX meeting each week, you will be invigorated with the same energy that you had when first starting your business! 

Each week you will learn something new about other business owners and what they do, and they will leave knowing you better, and what you do. 

We give each other ideas, suggestions, and most of all encouragement. As a small business owner, sometimes the only people that can truly understand your struggles are other business owners. 

We are here to help you!

Are You Confused?

You spent money to run an advertisement.  Coupons were placed in mailboxes.  You hired someone to build you a website AND optimize it. So, why aren’t you getting business?

Here’s why.  Think about the last time you hired someone for a service.  How did you hear about them, and WHY were they hired?

Chances are they were recommended to you by someone. 

 Having a testimonial or hearing a great experience increases the likelihood for hiring.

Don’t believe it?

When’s the last time you purchased something with a ONE STAR review?

Are You Frustrated?

How do you feel when the phone’s not ringing, your inbox is empty, and there are no prospects waiting to meet with you?

Do you just tell yourself that “Things are just slow right now?”

If you know what this feels like, what do you plan to do in order to change your current situation?